Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Preview: Sooki Baby & So Sooki!

I admit to feeling a more than irrational despair when my daughter outgrew size 2's, and thus outgrew Sooki Baby. It's just SO cute! And quirky! AND affordable! And it makes me type irregularly in caps lock! But now, little frockers up to size 7 can rock the terribly adorable styles of So Sooki, Sooki baby's older sibling. Except it's really the younger sibling, as this is it's first season. And they can't exactly rock it right now, this very second, as delivery is a few short weeks away.Wow, confusing. What's not confusing are the very, very, very gorgeous prints coming up for Summer - and here's the first look (but only a peep, we have to keep some surprises up our sleeve!):

So Sooki:

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