Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nude Spring '10 Sneaky Peeky!

One thing that never fails to excite us here at the Frock is shoes. Well really, does anybody who is of the female species? A friend of mine recently announced that she'd bought her first pair of Louboutins on her recent trip to Europe, which was greeted with as much enthusiasm as if she'd announced she was expecting her first child. Another friend works in a cool shoe store, and our conversations tend to refer to shoes by their name, as if they were simply other acquaintances - "Seen Saskia lately?" "How's Avery doing for you?" "How cute is Billy!"

Nude is one of our most popular labels, with on-trend as well as classic styles that are reasonably priced  AND totally wearable (and really, you can't ask for more than that), Here's what we'll be getting instore shortly for Spring/Summer '10:

Avery Peeptoe Laceup Bootie $199.95
Cupcake Double Knot Peep Heel $179.95
Rainbow Witch Strappy High Platform $179.95
Wildrose Wooden Platform Sandal $179.95
Sugarplum Big Buckle Wedge $169.95
Chipchop Peeptoe Clog $169.95
Chipchop Peeptoe Clog $169.95
Buttons Skimmer Military Ballet Flat $99.95

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