Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suri Cruise has an $850 handbag

File this under today's WTF moment - celebrity tot (now there'a  saying which probably shuldn't exist) Suri Cruise reportedly carries her neccessities in an $850 Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia bag, a mini version of her mother Katie Holme's $1850 purse (in mercury, not black as below).

We probably shuldn't be surprised, but should we be shocked? Is it wrong to teach a little one that it's normal to stuff your My Little Ponies in a bag that costs more then what most people in the third world earn in a year? Or is she merely the victim of Hollywood excessiveness - would it even cross most celeb's minds that uh, it's a bit OTT?

Celebuzz have an amusing little rant listing celebrity parents' ridiculously expensive gifts for their offspring, which I thought was mainly a spoof but on second thoughts, most of it is probably not far from the truth. A white lion cub? Faberge egg or gold plated dagger? Private jet? Whatever happened to etch-a-sketch and playdoh?

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