Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Freshbaked AW10 for Little Frockers

Sometimes I wish I was a size 2. Not in a super model/heroin-chic way, but as in, 2 years old. 'Cos there are so many gorgeous pieces about that are all at once adorable, classic and stylish. Enter Freshbaked AW10 (the first drop):

Little girls can either go for the classic red and navy combo with versatile pieces like the wool sailor skirts (tights, boots, a pretty blouse or cardi - beautiful!) or make a statement with the tartan coat, the way checks should be done (and also if you're too young or old to be part of the grunge 'revival'). Or they can go nuts for the hot pink vest with a detachable arty brooch that quite frankly, any self-respecting Frankie reader would kill for.

For boys, it's all about being preppy-cool - add some skinny jeans and slick street shoes (like those available from Walnut) and rock up to audition for any indie band of your choice. If indie bands even have auditions. Maybe they scout for members at other uber-indie gigs and choose them on hairstyle and shoe choice. At any rate, if your schoolyard is breeding the new version of Phoenix, these are the threads for you:

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