Friday, March 26, 2010

Makeup Magic - from Sportsgirl!

The perfect champagne shade for adding a hint of colour and sparkle to one's eyelid is fairly elusive - L'oreal do a good, albeit uber glittery, version; colour powerhouses (is that such a thing?) NARS and MAC have several close contenders, but I think I finally found the perfect version - along with a gorgeous red cardi- at Sportsgirl.

Points on why this eyecolour is awesome:
  • It costs $9.95
  • This week they had 'buy 1 get one free' on eye colours, so I also nabbed a deep green to try (already owing several deep browns and purples, and not being a silver-eye kinda gal)
  • It gives a nice wash of colour without needing to use oodles
  • It feels soft. Yes, soft!
  • IT COST $9.95 FFS!

Just add some smoky black eyeliner to really oomph it up, a la Amanda Seyfried, and spend all that cash you saved on a top notch cocktail to reward yourself for your thriftiness. Ahem.

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