Friday, March 12, 2010

Supre & Why You Should Go There

It's a love/hate relationship we have, Supre & I. Most of the time the pounding music, horrible fabrics and overstuffed racks make me nauseous. Ocassionally I'll find a really cool little gem hiding on the racks, waiting to be rescued, and it rarely costs more then about $30.

I walked past today and did a double take - indeed, went in. The music didn't require one to shout to be heard (never forget the time I asked an SA to get the pole thing to reach up to "the peach coloured oversized top in size S", only to have her return with a cropped red tank top. "Oh, sorry, I couldn't hear you,"...), and it was easy to walk around the store because the racks were well spaced and not overflowing. The colours were a chic winter palette of greys and creams and peach, and the SA's had all parts of their undergarments hidden. My daughter still tried to drag me back towards the door, repeating "you know I don't like this shop!" but young kids can be surprisingly set in their ways. It would appear Supre are going to have to work mighty hard to get i-Gen back on side once they grow into XXXS.

Despite all this, there seemed to be something missing. It was almost...boring. FFS, are you never happy?! I hear you moan. Yes, but rarely in Supre. There were quite alot of pieces I'd happily fork over my $$ for, and I didn't see an inane slogan or flash of fluro anywhere. Maybe boring is the new black. Maybe Supre are trying to re-model themselves. I looked at their website for some clues into this makeover, stupidly clicking the 'corporate' link thinking this contained company information, but instead it was their shiny polyester work trouser section.

Last time I passed the megaSupre in Bourke St Mall, it resembled a nightclub, complete with a roped entry - presumably to make shoplifters feel like they were nicking from a high class establishment. There was still loud music, loud clothes, overexuberant staff (and oddly, no size S Sporte leggings which is what I was looking for). The 'makeover' might just be a local thing - but, their website is worth looking at if your local store is still in rave-mode and you are in need of a quick fashion fix. It, too, has had a makeover and is a heck of alot neater. Check out these little bargains:

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