Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clogs. You Read That Correctly.

Continuing on with this week's footwear obsession, I was jolted awake from a bleary 5am start this morning when WhoWhatWear's newsletter stared out at me from my inbox, telling me to go buy Clogs. Like, now.

Sure, they're no doubt comfy and sensible, and I admit to admiring Gorman's take on the trend last week in their Paddington store. But aren't they, you know, kinda fugly? A bit like a more solid version of Crocs *shudder*?

Who What Wear reckons they're a" fresh and chic" take on the traditional Dutch style. Alexa Chung wears them, so they must be cool. Heck, it was Karl Lagerfeld who sent them down the runway in Chanel's Spring 2010 RTW collection in the first place, automatically making them desirable, according to fashionistas from Paris to Perth.

Mabe it's the Tasmanian in me, but I can still remember clogs in primary school. Maybe that's just 'cos early 90's fashion here was a little backwards, or maybe it's my hesitation at blindly copying the catwalks - remember the golden rule: if you can remember it the first time around, think twice.

At Chanel, they did look pretty awesome with the whole cute farmgirl thang. But then, it probably helps if you're a leggy 19 year old wearing your clogs with an impeccably tailored outfit. No doubt the imitation versions will be hitting our stores next season, but will you be trying this look?


  1. absolutely no way!! i remember them well...

  2. I dont care if Chanel is doing it! I wont be :)

  3. I LOVE THEM!!!

    If only I could get my hands on them without having to pay in the thousands then I'd be strutting them on the streets of Melbourne loud and proud!!

  4. Ah, differing opinions on looks is what makes fashion so interesting!

  5. haha I remember wearing brand new clogs to my first high school social in Tassie..... and some bastard did a swap for their shitty worn out two sizes too small clogs while I was off dancing sans shoes...