Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shock! It's OK to wear the same thing twice!

As a retailer, I really should say that it is not ok to wear the same thing twice, you must always buy something new, or pointy-toed and pointy-nosed people will sneer at you. But, Anna Wintour has actually said that she sometimes wears a dress up to twenty times. TWENTY! That's almost normal! Of course, she wears the same hairdo all the time, but it's almost like her trademark, so she gets away with it, without question. The article also notes that she 1) eats and 2) eats steak, so it seems there is hope for us mere mortals yet. What with the outrage over Photoshopping 'fat' models and a slow editorial drift towards using real sized women (hopefully more regularly than one-off features), is the glossy world of , erm, glossy magazines slowly being unravelled?
Information is so accessible nowdays that we're finally realising that the people who put together these perfect pages for us to aspire to, are not totally untouchable or indeed, out of touch? Maybe. Or should we just be depressed that depsite our best efforts, the planet is still going to to the bogger because influential people think that 'recycling' means wearing a frock more than once? Most likely.
Oh well, chin up - here's a frock you could wear more than once:

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