Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Teresa - Buy Once, Give Twice!

We've got a funky new label on board at Frock You - Baby Teresa, a Tasmanian label (woo!) launched just last month. The range consists of cute onesies and rompers, but with a difference: for each piece purchased, another is donated to a baby in need, anywhere in the world. Aaaw!

They come in nifty little gift boxes, and make an extra special gift becuase you're not only giving a gorgeous little outfit to a baby you know and love, but also to another who you don't know and doesn't know you, but will appreciate it just as much. And, if you know of or are involved in a charity that might benefit, get in touch with Baby Teresa's brilliant creators Kirsty and Sammie - they want to donate a Baby Teresa outfit to at least one baby in every country in the world!

The first range consists of two styles, Hieu and Lan, named after two Vietnamese orphans supported by Foundation Lotus Child. The idea is that a onesie, whether it be short or long sleeved, is basically an all-in-one outfit, so you have the opportunity to fully clothe a child in need. So simple, and so worthwhile!

Short sleeved onesies are $29.95, while long sleeved rompers are just $34.95. The feelgood factor, at risk of sounding like a Mastercard ad, is priceless.

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