Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celeb Fashion Collections - Why?!

It's not news that for whatever deep-rooted biological and/or psychological reason, we've all been conditioned to want what celebs have, wear what they wear, pay use the products they are paid to tell us to use.

What is news, or at least a small ripple, is that finally the tide is turning and people are speaking up and saying "hang on, for the most part these celebs know bugger all. Why do we care so much?" Hurrah! Vogue editor Kirstie Clements was suitably horrified that Peaches Geldof was a 'reporter' for London Fashion Week, imparting such wisdom as "yeah i like the shorts and stuff. It's stuff I'd wear". Clements wrote, "is it only in the fashion world that people let uneducated morons have their say?" Fashion journalism might not oust political corruption or lead to world peace, but imagine being one of the articulate, educated writers who really know their stuff, working your bits off to cover show after show, only to have people skim over your words in order to see what Peaches and Pixie and ZanyStardust utter in their uber cool contemptoous way.

Not to mention being a designer. Imagine the years of work, training, the strenous creative process and ultimately the part you can play in social history (clothes maketh the man, yes?), only to have Linday Lohan come onboard, not as the 'face' of your brand but actually a creator, and a month later present a collection. To say she's no Kate Moss is pretty fair. We're talking about a chick who gave us Mean Girls and Leggings-as-pants.

LiLo came on board as Ungaro's 'artistic advisor' and the collection was kindly labelled by WWD as "cheesy and dated". Apparently the show also involved "glitter heart pasties". Um. To be fair, expectations probably weren't all that high to begin with, and to read that Lohan came out for her bow with tears in her eyes softens the snickers a little. At least she had the decency to be a bit embarrassed and admit the whole collection was a rushed job.

Maybe its a result of the GFC, but is our spend-and-consume-instant-gratification mindset slowly slowing down? Quality not quantity, dahlings. Can a product be judged on it's own merits, instead of the popularity of the celebrity endorsing it?

Speaking of celebrity endorsements, this gorgeous white dress has been given much love (and some editorial) by the classy ladies at Shoptilyoudrop magazine. Ok, so they're not really celebs, but they sure do know a thing or two about frocks:

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