Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Party Like it's...Tupperware Time

Despite free worldwide shipping at Net-a-Porter, a great Woodford & Co sale at buyinvite, and 25% discount codes for Asos, my biggest purchase this week has been...wait for it...Tupperware. Seriously. Dubious spelling and all (Pack'n'Stor? CheeSmart? And I still can't work out what's so rock'n'rollin' about Rock'n'Serve). Put it down to age, an increasing need for transportable plastic storage that toddlers can open themselves, an overflowing wardrobe or plain old 'turning into your mother' syndrome, but they're some nifty shit in there. And lots of colour. All they need to do is introduce a sparkly range and I'd take up selling it myself. The Tupperware website even has a "Party Inspiration" section for gawd's sake!

Not that I go near Tupperware parties, unless there is free wine/cheese/SingStar on offer. A friend who has a friend who sells her TuppStuff (hey I'm copyrighting that) gave me a catalogue to browse through, no strings attached. I can't stand the obligation one feels to buy hundreds of dollars of essentially pointless crap. Avon is much the same, Linen parties, handbag parties, and the list goes on. You become the 'cheap' friend if you don't buy anything, and resentment kindles in your gut at the acquaintance who forced you to go along. It's psychological warfare. I thought I'd be a clever dick and buy it online, but lo and behold, all you can do online (aside from eBay) is request a catalogue/get a local representative to call you. Which is the same as asking Jehovahs in for morning tea.

My net-a-porter order should be here on Friday. My Tupperware, probably next month. No doubt your mum has cupboards full of plastic containers she acquired aeons ago with the intention of sorting and labelling her pantry, but then it became to time-consuming to transfer the weekly groceries from it's plastic packaging into your plastic packaging so it just sat in the cupboard storing dustmites for eternity. It's nice to know such retro affectations can continue. I reckon it will be worth the wait!

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