Friday, August 29, 2008

The Less Sarcastic List

You know when you have just so much shitty paperwork and boring bollocky tedious tasks to do, you procrastinate and procrastinate and start blogging about nothing in particular? Yeah, that's what I'm doing. It's that or find new applications to add to Facebook (btw, who likes the new layout? Anyone? Didn't think so). Anyway, I thought a good way to end the week would be to go all Dr Phil and write a list of things that made me feel happy and slightly less sarcastic than usual:

1). When your two year old understands what most suburban 12 year olds don't, that Ugg Boots are "Mummy's Slippers" and look funny out on the street when you're all dolled up in your best polyester outfit to go shopping. Truly, one of my proudest moments as a mother to date was when we were trotting along the street behind a group of heavily hairsprayed youths, and Charli pointed, giggled and said rather loudly "Look! Mummy's Slippers!" Like, totally owned by a toddler. Serious cool points to Charlotte!

2). When the weather is bright and sunny and warm enough to shed a few layers but not hot, in other words, when it feels like a fresh new spring day and you pop on a happy cd in the car and sing loudly with the windows down. Try it, it's liberating. CD of choice: last summer's fave, Ben Kweller's self titled. We haven't got to this summer yet, so it sorta wins by default.

3). Speaking of cd's, it;s been 10 years since we heard from The Verve but I'm mighty glad we have again. The Stone Roses should never reform, but the Verve's new album Forth is a suitably chilled out release. Oh, and a few new singles from Oasis' upcoming album Dig Out Your Soul have done the illegal rounds, and it just makes me tingly and want to wear a parka.

4). When you come home and your other half has done the vaccuuming. That, my male friends, is the way to a woman's heart, and a nice roast dinner.

5). When you get a text out of the blue from a friend you haven't heard from in ages. AND she's proposing afternoon drinks. Hell yes.

Back to the paperwork...after I check Facebook.

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