Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sponsor an Entrepreneur

One of my friends is one of those travellers with a spirit of adventure, who doesn't mind dodgy toilets or risking stomach bugs or being stranded in the Middle East. I am in total admiration of her, because even though I am categorised as a restless traveller, the furthest off the beaten track I've been is a 4-star island resort in Malaysia and the most at risk of catching a foreign disease was from a dodgy Paddington hotel in London which had a new bathroom but had charmingly kept the same traveller-imprinted doona and sheet sets for the past decade. Oh and the time my friend and I flooded our backpackers room in Glasgow, and then nicked off early the next morning hoping no-one would notice. Another set of friends spent their honeymoon volunteering at orphanages in South America, and the afore-mentioned travelling amigo has decided her next trip will be to Ghana to volunteer at a newspaper. It's inspiring stuff, but if like me you're mildly afraid of civil war, drug trafficking or extremists, you could lend a hand to the global community through this great little web site: http://www.kiva.org/ . You simply sponsor a budding entrepreneur in the developing world, for as little as $25. It's all about making poverty history without plastic wristbands. Brilliant.

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  1. Good times, good times. You haven't lived until you've been blasted against the bathroom wall by a scalding stream of water and then exited the bathroom with a leisurely swim.

    Also, I totally have Kiva bookmarked! I'm just waiting til I have actual money with which to sponser somebody...