Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog Apologies, and some new stuff

YES I know, I'm sorry, but if you had to climb over a challenging obstacle course of boxes, shoes, coat hangers and more boxes you wouldn't feel very motivated to type about random hobos at the supermarket. Although, speaking of, I think I might start a little sub blog "Adventures in Grocery Shopping" because the weird and wonderful world of the unflatteringly lit supermarket offes a myriad of observances into the human condition that no sidewalk cafe can rival. Anyway, as a slightly lazy form of compensation for the recent lack of bloggage (and I honestly didn't realise it was Wednesday until about 5 minutes ago, prompting a haphazrad scramble through this cardboard jungle to the computer desk) here's some pics of all the gorgeus new summer-y stuff you won't be able to wear for another few months, but you sure can buy it and hoard it safely til then:
Blue Juice's Noveau Riche Lush Coat is so elegant and really classy, but lightweight enough for a summer jacket (why it's "Lush" I dont know, it's gorgeous but not make of fur or anything. Hmm..) anyway if you regularly spill stuff on yourself or have rampaging toddlers with crayons this isn't the jacket for you, but damn its nice! The Euphoric Romance Denim Shorts are a great little short for summer, not heavy (remember Tencel? they feel like that!) and a versatile shade of rich blue that matches back easily with just about everything. Selling fast!!!
I don't even bother putting French Kitty in the newsletters anymore because it sells quicker than we can get it in, and if you're a bikini babe this is a classy and girly option which is incredibly cute!

GRAB's Mesh Tunic is one of those pieces you have to see and wear to really appreciate (which makes it odd for online shopping, I know, but I know you guys will suss it out!) when Laura was modelling it she didn't want to take it off. And I didn't want to wrestle her for it cos she's taller than me. Neither did Mat the photographer cos she's taller than him too. The short story is that it won't be this short on most mere mortals but you won't want to take it off either, it's so darn cool and really comfy!

Little Potty Red Shoes is one of our quiet achievers, but they produce some absolutely gorgeous pieces that always stand out. This Hollywood Smile skirt in bold, bright purple is a definite winner, the block colour makes it easy to work into your existing wardrobe and make a really eyecatching outfit without being too fussy. Also you can put it on when you're slightly tipsy and it won't matter cos it's the same front and back!

This is a really beautiful little piece by Living Doll, just the top for making you feel like donning a full skirt, dainty hat and sipping tea in the garden.....the print is a ripoff from somewhere but who cares, it's gorgeous (and cheap)!This is THE shoe of the summer (unless you want it in flat, in which case wait a few days until all the new SUNDAY range is on the site, Nude don't have a flat in this style) and it's so so comfy! I love a wedge (with sweet chilli especially) but as far as shoes go these are awesome for Spring under new season wideleg denim or pants, or for dressing up a pretty frock. I've been hanging out for them since I first saw them in March - the 6 month wait has been worth it!
Sunny Girl's one shouldered frock in black has sold through 5 times (yes FIVE times we've reordered and sold it all!) and this version in royal blue is the newest piece on the block to be causing waves - it's slinky, sexy and a beautifully flattering shade. Bring on the party season ladies!
One Teapsoon's new stuff is rocking the socks off everyone, especially the swimwear which is HOT to trot! It's been instore approximately 24 hours and thnkafully we've barely had to unpack it because the majority of it has sold. Thanks, guys! (PS I'm currently flicking between One T's Winter '09 rangebook and writing this and you are in for a treat, it's wicked sticks!)
All our kids labels will be delivering Summer over the next month, so if you're wanting to get your Little Frocker wardrobe together, sit tight!

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