Thursday, August 14, 2008

UK Grazia's Top 10 Best Dressed: Where's Kate? And Posh!

I love the fact that the fact that Kate Moss didn't make UK Grazia magazine's Top 10 best Dressed list makes more news then the fact dear old Agyness did. I just read this over at GWAS and PopSugar and did a quick Google, only to find the whole first page (the only page when it comes to searches, dahling) was devoted to stories on how Ms Moss missed out. Kate Moss is awesome (read her interview in US Vogue for free here) and it's a simple fact of fashion that whatever she's snapped wearing, the chainstores and thus general public snap up en masse. Skinny jeans in boots, then skinny jeans with ballet flats? Grey? Ray-Bans? Wideleg jeans? All by (or reinvented by) Kate. She is starting to look her age admittedly but it's about the clothes, the clothes, the clothes! Women the world over (me included) are envious of her ability to throw an outfit together and look completely cool and effortless and a step ahead of everyone else at the same time (possibly because we've become so used to looking like her to work out what to wear next. She wins by default). Anyway, Agyness is also awesome, but in a different way, because what she wears, well only she can wear:

Most of us would probably never dupliacte that outfit and get away with it, but models who can actually dress themselevs with a unique sense of style are a rare breed. Have you ever watched America's Next Top Model? They have absolutely no idea about the simplest of styles, and might all be tall and gorgeous but and a bit nasty. Ok so they're not famous supermodels and probably never will be but still, presumably if you're interested in modelling you should be a little interested in fashion perhaps?

The list rounded itself out with Gwyneth Paltrow (can't stand her shoe choices, I'm sorry. Or her, really. Or this:

bulges! possibly see through! I'd be so embarrassed if my mum wore it); SJP, who might have been named the most Unnattractive Woman Ever by some macho men's mag, but I think she always looks great and very well put together, and not quite as ridiculous as Carrie; Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the First Lady of France who is the eptiome of classic French style, including the arty nudey shots; Daisy Lowe, who again has a sort of inimitable style that really only she can pull off (go Brit girls!); Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is hit and miss but definitely herself; Elle Macpherson, obviously incredibly gorgeous but not particualrly interesting - there's a pic of her which I can't find wearing knee high gladiator sandals and they make even her look frumpy. So don't go there come Sumer, please; Uma Thurman; Natalie Portman (loves a ruffle, and this pic was conveniently on the same page as Gwynnie's):

Kate Hudson, again another gorgeous but blergh girl; and Dasha Zhykova, who I've never heard of but it sounds like the name of a pet detective (like that Austrain show on SBS anout the dog who solves crimes). I would've liked to see Rachel Bilson on the list, she always looks incredibly cool without showing off. Though, at the other end of the spectrum, where's Posh? Anyone who can whip herself into a classic Lady Who Lunches outfit before making an emergency exit off a plane deserves a spot, methinks:

(Pics from JustJared, Popsugar and Gofugyourself - all the other pic sites were anoyingly slow to load today and giving me the shits!).

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