Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beauty Review: 2 Thumbs Up for MAC & Revlon

The search for the perfect foundation and the perfect lipgloss is like the search for the perfect jeans: never-ending, frustrating, expensive; but still the sort of search that you don't want to end, in case you end up with nothing to shop for (the horror, the horror!). If my makeup bag was a Facebook page my current status would read: Kat's Makeup Bag is overflowing, but content *smiley face* . As you all know, if I didn't buy so many magazines and products and general crap I could probably buy more important things, like, um, a house, but houses don't make your skin tone even or your lips luscious. I have however found two products recently that make me so joyous that I hum Christmas carols in August:

1). MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation I actually wanted the Face & Body foundation that is eternally raved about but Myer Melbourne don't have it and I couldn't be bothered going out to Chadstone, especially considering I was meant to be making my way to appointments and not, in fact, having a makeover. Incidentally, if you're the type of person who gets slightly erotic thrills when you see swathes and swathes of colour pots all neatly lined up in order, then I suggest making a trip to the MAC counter to gasp in awe at the monolith of beautiful little pots of eye shadow just begging to be smudged with your pinkie. Sigh. Anyhow, a nice French lady working at the counter must've thought I looked like the arty type or something (I don't, but French people are odd) because upon enquiring as to a suitable foundation, she expertly chose the exact colour I've been looking for all these years and artfully applied it with a silky foundation brush. To half my face. Delighted with her choice, we both agreed that this was the new foundation for me and she trotted off to the counter to ring it up. I sat confused in the makoever chair for a few minutes, as one half of my face was made up and the other was not. I didn't know if this was a new trend I had somehow missed out on, but it looked a bit odd. Especially for meeting clients, regardless of how fashion savy they are. Phantom-of-the-Opera chic does not suit me. This fab foundation, however, does. I love it. I am most chuffed and will certainly be getting more, now that I know my colour (you can buy it online at the above link, or probably from Strawberrynet and Kiss&Makeup -love this store, especially for NARS - only I'm getting hungry and thus too lazy to check). The rundown: liquid foundation (best applied with a bursh), SPF 15 (in case you thought the title was cryptic), non-oily and nice and gentle. It possibly bakes yo-yo biscuits while wearing twin sets in shades of pastel, it's so nice.

2). Revlon's Mineral Lipglaze in Forever Raisin (yeah, I just do what the ads tell me) tastes so damn nice it could be bright blue for all I care. Um, I don't sit on the couch with a spoon dipping into the tube, I don't have a spoon that would fit for starters, I just mean it gives a nice sweet taste on your lips when you put it on. Plus it does stay on. Does what it says on the tin, indeed. I already have an all time fave lipgloss that is the most perfect lippy ever for everyday wear(Bonne Bell's cheapie Vitamin E range, get it from Priceline or similar bargain beauty store $6.95) but this one is my new fave "dressy" lip colour. Actually I wore it dagging around the house on Sunday because I love it. If you don't put too much on, it gives a nice deep stain; conversely if you get a bit tipsy on Saturday night and reapply it rather heavily, you'll get a slick, gorgeous gloss that lasts through more Jagerbombs then you can. I hope they release more colours, most of the current shades are either quite dark or quite light, or too brown for my liking though you might like it of course. Last time I checked Revlon weren't asking me specifically for shades, but in case they do something a tad lighter then Forever Rsin with a hint of more pink would be about perfect. Mwah.

What should come first? A wardrobe cleanout or makeup bag cleanout? Need to make room for a MAC-esque wall of colour to drool over I guess.....

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