Monday, August 18, 2008

When Will I, Will I Be Famous.....

What is it with me and bad 80's songs lately? Don't ask about Saturday night....*cough* anyhow, today ws a FrockYou media extravanganza! First, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy published a little and very edited not quite the angle they told me they were taking story about my pregnancy, though they did, thankfully, get my age wrong and made me younger. They also published a bloody awful photo but anyway. Secondly, Charlotte won a local "Cutest Kids" competition (yes, it was the OMG pic you all love) which everyone except me heard about on the radio, and I still haven't been contacted about the prize, but it's very chuff-worthy! She spent her day of fame finding new and inventive ways of getting poo on her fingers. Charming.

Thirdly, there was a nice little fluffy story about online shopping tonight on A Current Affair , where Shoptilyoudrop 's lovely Beauty Editor Amy Starr gave the ol' Frock a nice plug and 0.4 second screenshot. I didn't see it of course, or know about it, but I got a tx from MIL who thankfully did see it. You wouldn't think that half a second of airtime would really do much but the respnse has been phenomenal. Obviously I'm far too snotty and pseudo-intellectual to watch current affairs programmes but still, I wish I'd seen it. Thank goodness for YouTube (where I spent my relaxing weekend finding completely obscure and mind boggling clips, which I will share with you later in the week).

*donns giant sunnies and handbag sized dog before going outside to battle through the throng of paparrazi*

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