Thursday, August 26, 2010

Balayage: Will You be Trying It?

It's one of those trends that, at first, had me sceptical. Mainly because circa 2009, photos of it-girls "rocking" the balayage look pretty much looked like they had let their apprentice haridresser younger sister* experiment on them at home:
Allegedly this is the look that started it all. Done correctly, the idea is that it's a softly graduated, freehand application of colour which can do amazing things to highlight and soften the face. Done incorrectly, it can just look like skanky regrowth. Oooh, harsh! But what I mean is, perhaps a softly, softly approach will work better for the majority of us...

Cameron Diaz "first" sported the look on the red carpet. Jessica Biel showed it off late last month, as did Drew Barrymore and Rose Byrne. Loose, flowing curls or a softly undone look works best - plus if you're lazy with your hair-doin', it's perfect as it's minimal in the upkeep department. And on these ladies, it looks downright amazing:

Will you be rocking this cool-as look this season?


1 comment:

  1. barf no! it looks terrible. like they all need to go have their roots done....months ago. not a fan. it's the "woke up from a coma" look.