Friday, April 9, 2010

Play Rock Paper Scissors With Your Tshirt!

Here's something that's way cooler than an iPad or an iPhone or i-anything - it's modern technology meets retro cool. The Rock Paper Scissors tshirt brings the game you remember and love from your childhood into the new milennuim - in true 2010 style, you can do it alone, with your computer! No need to interact face to face with smelly and possibly ugly people!

That's right, you don the tshirt, stand in front of your webcam, and a computer generated arm appears to stick out and will play Rock Paper Scissors against you. Really, that's pretty damn cool. The tees come from Swedish tshirt subscriber site T-Post (the Swedes came up with IKEA, of course they designed an augmented reality tshirt), with the techy stuff done by moment77. Suddenly, your mildly offensive slogan tshirt doesn't seem so cool, does it?

(via Springwise)

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