Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30%off Storewide Birthday Sale!

Frock You is turning 3 so, in the true spirit of celebreation, we're having a massive 3 day sale so we can work ourselves into the ground, drink too much coffee, generally get tired and cranky...on second thoughts, I'm having the week off, that would be a much better way to celebrate, no?

Yeah, that would make me really popular around here. "See that flood of orders? Oh and those cartons of new stuff? You work it out, I'm off to rent some DVD's and eat the rest of my Easter eggs. See you Monday!"

What will make you popular, however, is buying some new shoes. Or a winter jacket. Or a wicked new top. Then everyone will think you're cool, and when you say flippantly, "oh yeah, nabbed this at 30% off," they won't go, "you cheap bastard", they'll say "smart cookie". 'Cos in 2010, it's cool to be a frugalista. Use the code BIRTHDAY30 from now until Thursday, and celebrate your sensible economising. It'll make those towering new heels seem that much better.

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