Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Bits: Birds of a Feather Winter '10

"Like a first kiss, Birds of a feather is a brand to fall in love with - flirty party frocks, dress tops and cute bottoms all in the sweetest, vintage-inspired prints for the blushingly romantic at heart." I didn't wirte that, the team at Birds did, but it sums up perfectly what the brand is about. If your buzzword is "pretty", this should be your first stop!

These pieces have just been uploaded today, and already us Frockers are frothing at the mouth to get our grubby little paws on them. Um, ew. Please be assured hand washing and regular use of antibacterial hand cleanser is a regular part of the day here at Frock HQ. Not in an OCD way, but still in a hygienic way. Promise.

So, what bits are our germ-free fingers clawing at? Me, I love the Pink to Make The Boys Wink Sweater ($89.95) which is really more purple than pink, but it has cute red buttons on the shoulder. It's the new version of last year's hugely popular Clicking Heels Sweater - one of those casual little pieces you can throw on with jeans and flats and instantly look done, but not overdone. Love it.
Ebony latched on to the Read Between the Lines Dress ($89.95) and wouldn't let go. Which is bad news for the rest of you, as we were only delivered limited sizes. It's stripey, has a bow, is mega comfy AND you can wear it year-round. Get in quick.
And Gen? Well, she's the type of gal who wears square glasses and berets and looks like a fashion blogger, though she's actually studying Law. But she's also the type of gal who loves simple layering pieces with their own personality ie, the Love Forever Top ($49.95). The cut is simple, but the print is arty enough to make others on campus a bit jealous. Mwahahaha.

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