Friday, February 20, 2009

Twitter rhymes with Fritter

The Web is a mind boggling place. You (or maybe it's just me) can spend hours going from one link to the next, discovering a plethora of new sites and directories and shops and god knows what else. I'd heard of Twitter before but not really bothered with it, dissing it as something I'd stick to for a few days and then forget about. Which, tbh, is probably still true. It's yet another (albeit very cute) site where you can update your status for all your 'followers' to see - the cynic in me smirks: what a world we live in, constantly needing to be reassured that people care about what we had for brekky, that we are worthy of being 'followed' in our never ending quest for social acceptance and reverance. Pft. - from a business point of view however, it is a nifty tool. You can follow the Frock's updates, mainly about new stock becuase I don't think you want to hear about "Sharyn is spending half an hour comparing flights to the Whitsundays" or "Laura is STILL trying on the new Motel stock" etc etc; here: . If you must have the latest before anyone else, then this is the way to do it! (See nifty update box thingy there----->)

I'm following, among others, Richard Branson, and The Cut, and am sorely tempted to add Britney Spears. It's sorta like Facebook except you can be 'friends' with, or at least by gossip mag standards a 'source', for celebs! And, naturally, you can link your Twitter updates with your Facebook updates (I did this with the Frock You facebook page, though I haven't checke dif I did it right). That way, EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE can know about your itchy foot or the fact you are on the loo! Hurrah!

Currently there's alot of updates from NY Fashion Week, which is great and actually mostly interesting, but if there's particular blogs or sites or stores you are a fan of (not FB fans, genuine fans) it's a great way to keep updated and quench our zealous Gen-Y flavoured thirst for new information. I'm not sure it has caught on enough yet to make random people you went to primary school with suddenly interested in your doings (thankfully, let's keep that as a thinly tolerated Facebook quirk), but it's definitely made me fritter away many minutes following link after link...and giving me that smug cyber-reassurance one can only get when Shopbop is your first follower. Kudos.

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