Thursday, February 19, 2009

Autumn/Winter '09 Catlaogue online now!

Finally, after a mountain of requests, thousands of emails and phone calls, one very busy weekend, too much time fiddling with photoshop, and yours truly nearly strangling several staff members (justified due to catalogue-related incidents, fyi, not random psychopathic attacks), the catalogue is finally online!

You can download it from our News page (which is always empty because I always forget to update it. Needless to say the next job going at the Frock will be for an "online marketing manager" which means you get to play on Facebook and Twitter all day). But I digress. Everything in the catalogue is click-to-buy, and in a weird twist because of the delay, alot of the items have now arrived instore which means you don't need to wait! You can go on the waiting list (just email us) for other must-haves throughout the catalogue which aren't instore yet.

There will also be limited print runs, but quite frankly I'm so pleased that it's finally available for public viewing that it will be a few days before I can be bothered fussing with it!
Enjoy our first Frockalogue, we hope you love it and hope it gives you some winter wardrobe inspiration!

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