Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Autumn/Winter: prepare to fall in luuurve!

Not with the weather obviously, nor was that some sort of psychic prediction about your personal life. Simply, A/W '09 is so romantic and lovely and gosh darn pretty that you'll want the gorgeous summer weather to bugger right off so you can wear it! A new box of Motel arrived today (the Lily dress is already online and selling even though we haven't got all the photos yet; it was used in a Drop Dead Gorgeous ad a few weeks ago and the hold list is running hot!) - I suggest you get in quick tomorrow night and Friday when it should be all up because last season the whole lot sold out in a week, without any form of advertising; it was like all these Motel-devotees suddenly sauntered out from the hills, snatched what they could and retreated quick smart from whence they have been warned!

A new label sure to please grown-ups, Mimosa has also just arrived (look out for it online in a day or two) and it's very Audrey-esque, classic, gorgeous, sophisticated, and one of our pricier labels, but in this season where the R-word prevails, my tip is to invest, invest, invest. (And when I say pricey, everything we're getting is under $200 anyway which is comparatively cheap, especially for winter coats!). Accessories start at $39.95, coats will be about $180, dresses about $150 and basics about $50. You've probably seen it in magazines recently, and Frock You is one of the few stockists online (and they gave us free scarves to prove it!) so you are a very lucky bunch of ladies...

Our current fave pieces are from French Kitty - cardis with bows never fail to please! There's a stack more waiting to be photographed an uploaded so keep checking back. We've also got a nice big carton of purse-friendly Living Doll, whose ranges just keep getting better and better - maybe I shouldn't say this, but they often show their ranges from samples and between you and me, you are getting $400 dress styles picked up at Barneys, re-modelled and sold for $80. It's awesome.

And speaking of awesome, (ooh, segue) be sure to check out Style Collective, a new initiative by a lovely lass called Amanda. It's basically an online directory-cum-magazine-cum-sales alert-cum-latest and greatest, helpfully divided into Urban Style, Junior Style, Bridal and Urban Living. It's updated every day and is beautifully laid out. Add it to your favourites now!

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