Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City: Sydney Premiere

I'm starting a new section called Kerri-Anne Watch. She is fabulous. The Aussie premiere of "the hottest movie of the year yada yada" was attended by the typical round of Aussie "celebs" most of whom couldn't be bothered to even frock up, but check out K-Ken, she's pretty hot considering she's 150:

Ok, not the most flattering pose but it's another smashing frock and no sign of tinfoil a la Logie. Plus you gotta hand it to a woman willing to stand next to a supermodel. I stood next to Elle McPherson once at Madame Tussaud's and came away with an eating disorder. By the way, all these pics are from and thankfully come with captions, otherwise I wouldn't know who this vision in leather was:

Charlotte Dawson, a judge on Australia's Next Top Model (fyi even Tyra is sick of this show). Love this frock, but didn't Jessica Rowe have a baby about 2 minutes ago or something? She's so thin:

And I hope that coat isn't real. As in, real fur, not that she's carrying an illusion of a coat or anything. Anyway, then there was this:

"HELP ME, I've escaped from the Diner but my arms are held captive by this deranged animal which is rearing up behind me to attack that scared looking lady over my shoulder...don't just stand there and click, DO SOMETHING GODDAM IT".

At least Larry Emdur admitted he was only there to make up the numbers. He couldn't name a single character off the show but wanted/was being forced to to make his wife happy. Aw.

Incidentally, the cover of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan makes me want to buy it, because it's bright and we all have a secret love of swishing our skirts around to show a dangerous amount of airbrushed leg:

Even though we are all suffering SJP-overload, the brainless content Cosmo generally gives me the shits* and I'd rather spend $7 on a coffee and that really yummy banana bread at Gloria Jeans in Borders and just read it for free, I'm tempted by this issue. Maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised. We should all try new things right? Yes. Except boots like these:

*I hasten to add that FrockYou has some invaluable editorial coming up in the next smashing issue of Cosmo, so far be it for me to suggest it is a pointless publication. It's not usually my personal cup of tea, but if the next cover is as catching as this one, well, I may just happily convert...content pending. Oh hell, I'm gonna buy this issue tomorrow anyway, the cover has got "sex" and "money" in bold letters and who can resist that? Thumbs up Cosmo...if there is a feature on Kerri-Anne, I'll be writing you a fan letter.

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