Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in Blog

Maybe, with a title like that, I'm not ready to come back to blogging after my stocktake-week hiatus. Sorry. Anyway, this week we've got album reviews (the brilliant new Coldplay record actually gets the thumbs up from the usually cynical Mr M. And I just used the words "brilliant" and "Coldplay" in very close proximity. Something is afoot.....); mag reviews (I couldn't resist the apricot header of Russh, and my favourite alternative printed friend Frankie is sitting on the bookshelf waiting to be devoured on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Best get out my fav retro tee and slip on some fake geek-chic glasses, find a vintage teacup and put something nonchalantly indie on the stereo to get in the mood); inspiring travelogues; sale alerts; celeb watching (this week: I feel sorry for K-Ho); fashion updates (such as, waist belts are not cryptic clues and are in fact meant for the waist and not to hold your boobs up); and if you're lucky, everyone's favourite Things That Piss Me Off. Stay tuned!

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