Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jump for Joy: London Market Shopping is online!

I am terribly homesick for London. Everyone who knows me knows this because I crap on about it all the time. I am not Pommy or anything, just have an affinity for that great big vibrant city. It's been 2 and a bit years since I've been! (as in, please dontate a plane ticket) BUT I have just discovered that one of the best bits of London shopping, the Portobello Markets, is now online. No, it doesn't compare to actually being there but it's a start. Two bright young things have started , bringing the best up and coming clothing, shoes and jewellery designers, and vintage finds. You can even haggle in the Let's Trade section. The only shite thing is a) the Aussie dollar/UK pound and b) shipping is 20pounds (about $50). Well, ok that's two things but like any market trip, the hard work of sifting through the racks week after week can reveal hidden gems.....Camden and Spitalfields coming soon (rude tshirts, hooray!).

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