Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Following People through the Streets of Paris

On the way home this afternoon I heard on JJJ an interview with a guy called Phillip (apologies of that's not how you spell it, he seems like the sort of guy who might get antsy about spelling), who lives in Paris teaching English to businessmen. Every day, he follows someone, somewhere, to see if he ends up anywhere interesting. He blogs about it here:
. On 9th June he followed a girl wearing socks over her leggings (fyi i love this) through the Metro to a "Poney Club". On 7 June a stylish woman in a trench coat led him to a hip cafe, Chez Prune, where he got asked directions by a cute guy. Apparently the other day he followed Sarah Jessica Parker into Sephora. It's an interesting idea, provided you don't get arrested. Like a chic, artier version of Hamish & Andy's Ghosting (they do it on Rove and it's funny, as much as I dont want it to be). Just imagine where you could end up. Personally I'd favour following people onto trains through Europe, airports etc and just winging it all over the globe, assuming money is no object. I guess I could follow people here, but it'd be something like "middle-aged woman in ill-fitting jeans visits Chickenfeed, returns to her car in the multi-storey behind Target expertly dodging groups of emo teens wallowing in the shadows, drives home to suburbia stopping briefly at Woolies." Or, "overly faux-tanned young lady stomps through the mall in uncomfortable looking heels, reaches her hatchback with frangipani stickers on the rear window and sits in the front seat texting for awhile." Or, "tracksuited bogans sitting in the mall. Have been since this morning when Centrelink opened. Walk in a large gang around the corner to the bustop. Sit there for the rest of the afternoon."

Anyhow, it's quite addictive reading. He admitted to having a type of OCD where he can't sleep at night if he hasn't followed somebody that day. If you can look past the creepiness of that comment, it's a really interesting project, and quite a nifty way to have a guided cyber-tour through Paris!

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