Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Markdowns! 'Cos it's cool to be pov

It's never been so cool as right now to admit you have no money. In an obvious backlash to the noughties bling-filled days of excess, suddenly it's all about being thrifty. I've had so many conversations with people lately who love to tell me about their low bank balance, spendthrift ways and need for a second casual job. These are people who used to not blink about dropping $300 on a top. They are ubertrendy people though, so maybe they're making it up just to keep up with the hipsters. Who knows? Anyway, if you actually are cool to the bone and have but a few spare $$$, you're in luck - shopping, especially online, has never been so cheap! With many stores offering 30% off and upwards (and not for a day or two like we do, but for at least a week; check NSO for all the latest codes), labels doing mega clearouts at warehouse sales and online (good news for those of us not in Syd or Melb) and department stores going more nuts than usual with offers, the shopaholics within us all can breathe a little easier...and pay the power bill on time.

So, we thought we might as well join in the fun, and from today will be marking down manically across the store (with the exception of the items we hold year-round)! One Teaspoon has been done - I'm talking all swimwear at $49, clothing from $25 - Dolly Rockers is now at 50% off (prices from just $15 for amazing handmade, statement necklaces!) and French Kitty is priced to clear, with everything from $25 - $34. American Apparel is also reduced to clear and all under $29! There's not much left in previous season Blue Juice (first Winter onwards will stay full price as it's AWESOME and our best selling range!) but if you hurry you'll pick up an absolute steal, with most of it $69 and under!

Stay tuned for more throughout the week...!

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