Friday, May 7, 2010

Why I Can't Watch Round The Twist

"Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers." Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary.

That's a bit dramatic really; but I read that passage just after switching offmy computer, awash in a wave of nostalgia after browsing this post by Jenna Templeton, on Aussie tv shows of the 80's & 90's - Mr Squiggle and Amazing and Superted and Recovery and of course, my very very favourite, Round the Twist. Gen Y: we've wrapped ourselves in a comforting handstitched blanket of reminiscence, turning back to the simpler days of our childhoods to hide from the fast-paced, techonolgy-saturated new millenium. Or, just because we're finally having to grow up and get real jobs and have kids and take out mortgages, and that's just plain scary. How did the days of Great Spaghetti Pig-Outs slip by so quickly?

Rehashing all things 80's and vintage clothes and old-school cutesy images are the height of alternative-cool. We're cocooning ourselves, clinging to those more innocent days - indeed, it's not so different to the old-timers talking about the "good old days", who we once rolled our eyes and smirked at. But should we be trying so hard to bring back the past, or should those hazy fond memories be shelved safely away in the backs of our minds? If we bring them out to the light of day again, won't our idyllic illusions be shattered, or at least distorted?

Because let's face it - no doubt the storylines are now a bit too simple, the special effects are a bit too crappy, the whole package just doesn't do it anymore. That's a horribly cynical thing to say, but I once YouTubed some 60's kid's tv shows my Mum was reminiscing about, and all she said was a quizzical "oh? I don't remember it quite like that." And suddenly, what was once so brilliant became distinctly less glossy. (er, sorry Mum.) A friend suggested I flick over to 7Two and watch re-runs of Full House, but I can't. Bob Saget does not belong in 2010.

I bought my brother a box set of the entire Round the Twist series for Christmas. He still has it in the plastic wrapping, not quite able to watch it just in case Wunderpants don't seem as funny as when we were 8. Perhaps that's how we should keep it. Safe and protected, but always there to gaze upon.

After all, Peter Andre is the result of what happens when things from the early 90's are brought to light again. Think about that!

(PS - thanks for a brilliant post Jenna! I remember one year the Logies had some kind of kid-show mashup song for the Best Children's Programme Category..all I can think of is the bit that went "...Ship to Shore! Amazing! Who could ask for more?!")

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  1. Thank you for the mention beautiful!
    I'm glad I could make you reminisce some great childhood memories! ABC3 has picked up Genie down under & heartbreak high- so let's hope they decide to play some other kid greats again! I will be posting some more nostalgia & kid show blogs soon xx