Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Arrivals: Motel

It';s always an exciting day when new season Motel arrives. Despite there being a difference in seasons - as a UK label, we're currently getting the Spring stock just as we hurl ourselves into the depths of winter. But no matter, most of these pieces are easily layered and thus wearable year-round!

(Unless you live in QLD or somewhere perpetually warm. Then, you;re in luck. But can QLD'ers stop posting on Facebook/Twitter about how chilly it is when it gets down to, you know, 18? Not cold! Cool, but pleasant. Though of course, even Tassie winters are wamer than what the Poms get. So perhaps we should all shut our traps about being chilly and just enjoy seasonal changes. Enough rambling.)

Here are the lovely pieces you can pick up (and yes there are more to come in a 2nd drop!). Lots of soft dark chambray; a gorgeously sooooft grey sweat (which is a must-have in some form or another in your wardrobe this season; and of course the pretty floral prints we all know and love!

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