Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summer Beauty $50 Challenge - No Sweat

Ew. I just spent the best part of an hour surrounded by sweaty people in lycra. Long story short, I was not one of the lyrca-clad (that would be double-ew), but I was still sweatin' - such is life in the middle of January. The cruel twist is that just because your makeup slides off your face the moment you apply it, doesn't mean your skin is suddenly all summer-glow-radiant. Nope, most of us still feel the need to apply something before leaving the house, but the middle of summer calls for a few little adjustments - and they don't have to set you back a fortune. Let's take a cyber-$50 note and go shopping.

The most important thing to put on your skin in summer, nay year-round, is sunscreen. But your skin also needs a dollop of moisture, so it doesn't work overtime trying to replace all that moisture you're sweating out. The solution is an all-in-one light moisturising suscreen lotion. Olay is still one of the best value brands on the market - you can pick up the Complete Defence Daily Moistursing Lotion SPF 30+ for just $14.95, which protects against both UVA/UVB rays (not all SPF moisturisers do this, so read the labels carefully)!

The only time I've been out and about without makeup was when we were holidaying in Malaysia. I was 6 months pregnant, very unused to the steaming humidity, and figured that I wasn't likely to run into anyone I knew anyway. But if I could've been bothered to apply something to even out skintone a little, it would've been Dove Tinted Moisturiser ($8.75). These used to sell by the bucketload when I worked at good ol' Priceline (uni job. Don't knock it. Actually you can.) - light and lovely, it's not too much moisture over a light sunscreen lotion. But if you think it will be, try a light mineral foundation like Maybelline's Mineral Power Liquid Foundation ($19.95).

A touch of mascara on the eyes does amazing things to define and open up, even if you can't be bothered with eye shadow or liner. Try a dark brown for a more natural, but suprisingly flattering, look - my all time fave and consistent beaty-poll winner since the 70's has been Maybelline's Great Lash (go the waterproof version). It's about $15.95 and totally kicks the arse of every other (more pricey) mascara that I've ever tried.

And for the lips? Natural and glossy goes with every single outfit you can conjure up, including swimwear and chlorine-drenched hair. I once watched amazed as my friend applied a $4 Nivea Lip Care Gloss & Shine and suddenly turn all...shiny. And glossy. And started to rave about how soft this baby made her lips feel.

So, unless you go the foundation option, you'll have about $5 left over to buy a Chiller from your local coffee haunt. Plus, you'll look SO much better then the sweating hordes around you. Talk about hot!

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