Thursday, January 21, 2010

Make Sleepytime Fun

And I'm not talking about exciting X-rated escapades either. Nope, just good ol' honest amusements in the bedroom - aka novelty pillows. If you get excited about homewares and stay up til the wee hours trawling sites like Etsy, these are the products for you:

Rock pillows! How much freakin' fun are these! Your playroom (or indeed, loungeroom) would be the absolute shiz with the addition of these nifty little numbers:

Treat your frienemies with a Horse Head Pillow. As the website says:
"A great conversation piece for the wannabe wise guy who has everything, and whose wife won't let them own a revolver. For that matter, something for the authentic wise guy that has a job to do, but has a soft side for the well being of animals. A great home theatre accessory as a tough guy's Teddy bear, aimed squarely at those with a diabolically dark sense of humor. Fans of the mob's harsh brand of communication can now unite and rest comfortably, if not uneasily. Send someone a message they will never forget without the risk of facing prison time for it."

Not one for words in the AM? Save your stinky morning breath but still let your loved one know what you're thinking:

This gives the whole 'my hair looks like I just rolled out of bed" excuse a whole new meaning:

You can't hide your dreams anymore...

Oh and for the late night Etsy browser? Craftsquatch have all your geeky needs sewn up, literally:

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