Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free Shipping, Oh Yeah!

Man there are some awesome sales about at the moment. Even if, like myself, you are wholly and totally and completely and utterly banned from buying another thing because your wardrobe is literally overflowing and all new purchases are turning into a small mountain on the bedroom floor. Ebay, is that you I hear calling?

However, in case you have room for one more purchase, we're offering free shipping within Aus til Jan 31st. All orders, big or small, nada postage!

Shipping is definitely a gripe with online consumers - thankfully, the majority have no hassles with our teeny $6 fee and overnight service. Free shipping all the time is something we are considering if this little promotion turns out to be worth it (we're monitoring the amount of abandoned carts. It sounds so dramatic, "abandoned". More like, "I was pondering some gorgeous new shoes and realised dinner was burning"). I've left my fair share of abandoned carts strewn across cyberspace, especially at kid's online stores, mpst of whom are currently offering fab discounts but then charging $8 or $10 shipping, sometimes not even for overnight! Be buggered if I'm going to pay a premium price and then wait 4 or 5 days for it to show (regular post to tassie is slooooow). 

Well, there's my little rant for the day. Oh, and also to the silly old sod today who parked their car on a diagonal and made it near impossible for me to squeeze into mine: I'M NOT SORRY I SCRATCHED YOUR FUGLY VEHICLE WITH MY DOOR. Ha.

 Free Post - get into it. It rocks!

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