Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Red Carpet Frocks

There have been far too many references to "raining on one's parade" regarding the 2010 Golden Globes (well, the red carpet part anyway. Who walked away with a statue is secondary information dahlings). Oh, didn't you hear? Apparently it rained. Goodness, how exciting.

It's my usual tendency to be a little bit snarky at some of the outfits - don't knock it til you'vee tried it - but for once I'm just going to present some of the frocks that rocked my socks (warning: much one-shouldered action will be had):

Emily Blunt looks just like a modern princess (Queen Victoria reference non-intentional).

Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of my alltime faves, and somehow manages to work apricot and a semi-fishtail *flashback to early 90's wedding*

Ah, Kate. So very, very elegant.

Despite the sea corals that appear to be clinging to Drew's dress, it IS pretty fabulous. And sparkly.

Ginnifer Goodwin's frock is the most beautiful shade of blue and drapes in all the right places.

Woah! Not exactly a way-out frock but tell me you don't want to look like that when you hit 40!

Kate Hudson reminds me of a wedding cake. Yummy.

Yummy mummy to the max!


  1. I adore Goodwin's dress... beeautiful colour... and gorgeous shape/drape!

  2. touche! love goodwin's dress & eye makeup too. kate is a real woman with real curves, usually dresses well for her shape and looks amazing.