Friday, September 18, 2009

Temptation: Christopher Kane for Topshop

Two things have happened recently that made me giggle with glee, one being significantly less costly than the other, but both fabulous in totally different ways.

The cheap event, you'll not be surprised to hear, took place in the ear-thrasing, overstuffed confines of a local Supre. Bless them, there aren't many shops where you can go in and say "hey, do you have any fluro crops tops, netted rara skirts and below the knee leggings?" and be completely kitted out for a rad 80's party in less than 10 minutes. 2 over-accessorised sales assistants were genuinely concerned with the choice the fluro yellow or fluro pink crop top (we settled on pink) and were even more surprised when I mentioned that this outfit was not in fact for clubbing on saturday night, but for a costume party. But then, they weren't even born in the 80's so I guess these sartorial horrors are a whole new experience for the poor dears. I left with plenty of change for a $50, relief at having my costume sorted, and a gleeful bemusement that apparently my 'costume' will be the height of fashion this weekend should I choose to spend the night grooving to the latest chart hits in a nightclub where the hemlines are as high as the hairdo's.

(Note: just got even better, check out this site Rad80' . it truly exists!)

The second event is much more pleasing to fashionistas the world over, though you won't get much (if any) change from a $100 note - one of my favourite designers, Christopher Kane, and one of my favourite shops, Topshop, have released a brilliant collection that made me dribble a bit onto my keyboard. Loads and loads of studding and eyelets and gems and an inexplicably awesome crocodile make this one of my favourite Topshop collaborations. Loving the pretty pink and tough embellishments of the Bodycon dress and the feminine cut of the One Shouldered Lace Dress . Hey, the exchange rate isn't too bad at the moment...!

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