Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lots of Lovely New Arrivals

Oopsies I didn't post yesterday because...I made another choccy cake and vegged out in front of the telly. Not a good excuse, but an honest one. Anyway today has been flat chat with lots and lots of new goodies, and tomorrow will be much the same (Sooki Baby, So Sooki and Indy C and Munster hopefully all online by EOD tomorrow!). Over the last few days, this is what's come in:
Allira Yum Cha Brooch, $25 Limited edition of 100, and each one is carefully numbered. Pretty spesh for just $25!

August Street Piscean Pants, $49.95 A new label which you'll see a whole lot more of in the coming weeks, these pants are flatout awesome. Comfy. Khaki. Casual. Cool. Oh did I mention comfy?

Living Doll Bree's Combat Dress, $64.95 Fact: Bree is a lovely lass who works for Living Doll. Fact: you need this dress. It's too cool for words. Except those words, obviously.

Living Doll V-Neck Tshirt Dress, $19.95 Under $20 for a really really comfy, throw-on-and-go dress that you can layer, wear to the beach of your 'kinis, or just laze around in after a few too many frozen daquiris. Oh summer, how I've missed you.

Living Doll Between The Lines Maxi, $59.95 If you haven't already got a maxi dress or 3, get this one. Universally flattering and easy to wear, plus it has cute plaited straps. Love!

Lucky 13 Caterpillar Dress, $99.95 The print is cute, the back is even cuter. Plus, Aris' shoes here look amazing so if you've got a similar pair, I highly recommend going for this look, right down to her bright blue toneails!

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