Monday, September 6, 2010

Hi Blog, These Are My Excuses

Hi Blog. I'm just writing to say that I can't fill you in this week; I have the sniffly beginnings of a full-blown cold creeping up upon me. I'm trying valiantly to swallow cups of green tea, but it tastes like poo so I have a steaming mug of Milo here in front of me instead. My nose tickles, my throat is calling out to the pack of Soothers that is just out of reach in the high cupboard in the kitchen which I can't get to without a chair. And I can't be bothered getting a chair because that would entail moving, and my body is starting to ache. The thought of flicking through street fashion blogs or new stock writeups or even rantings on the rude, permed woman in Kmart the other day just makes me want to pull my doona over my head and snuggle down where it's warm and soft, and nothing else. Frock You has got lots of new stuff coming in this week, but I don't think I can evenb raise my head to look at it, let alone attack the cartons with a stanley knife and go through the counting, QC'ing, uploading and storing process. So, I'm sorry for being so boring and having a big red ugly dripping nose, but it can happen at this time of year. I promise to write again next week when hopefully my head feels like it contains something cerebral instead of something made of cotton wool. And why can I never find any hankies when I need them?

Love from Kat xxxxx

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