Friday, September 24, 2010


I had one of those stars-are-in-alignment shopping days today. I just kept finding awesome stuff to buy! Everyone had sales! Things in Target kept scanning up at lower prices then the tag read! After a haul which included several cute dresses for little miss - which could've been alot more but I restrained myself - a lovely baking book, some useful storage and bargains galore at Diva, who had just started markdowns; I arrived home to a cool little pressie in the letterbox. My chain store buys were still fabulous, but this little thing was a bit more special. Etsy seller Maya's Kalupi makes cute colouring wallets in a whole host of adorable fabrics. They're perfect for throwing in your handbag when you're out to dinner or anywhere else that a little person might need to be amused (ie: everywhere).  They even come with crayons and a notepad! Ours was a sunny yellow with ladybugs all over, but if fairies, apples, rainbows, trucks, or owls are more your thang, there's lots of those too. They're finished with an elastic button clasp, but the best bit is that they are just US$9.50 each. Which is like $9.95 Oz buckaroos at the moment. And for an amused child plus the warm and fuzzy feelnig that comes from supporting independent designers, it's by far the biggest bargain of the day!

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