Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sale Time!

Ah, June. The official start of winter, so you can eat loads of mashed potatoes and steaming casseroles and warm puudings oozing with sticky sauce. So you can start to actually bust out that amazing coat and those fabulous boots you've been hoarding since they hit the shops in the middle of sumer. So you can hit the sales and stock up your wardrobe, guilt-free. I already gave my cards a working out in Myer today - their %off stocktake sale really begins tonight for MyerOne cardholders, or tomorrow for everyone, but all their markdowns were done and they had loads of "stocktake preview specials" dotted throughout the store. I may have been naughty on the frock front, but I did restrain myself a little - a gorgeous, deep berry red Cue party dress down to $74 from $249 very nearly made it's way to my cupboard, but the straps didn't sit quite right. Pre-Recession I would've shrugged and bought it anyway, but in these leaner times I thought twice about it. And also wondered exactly where I was going to wear it, considering there are at least 5 party frocks in my wardrobe that haven't graced the dancefloor yet. See - sale time is all about being sensible.

Oh yeah and on a side note - you can get 25% off all week at Frock You! That's new arrivals, sale items, the lot. The code is JUNE25 and it's valid up to and including Friday 4th June. It might not be as good a discount as what the chain stores are offering (some of the markdowns out there are mad!! MAD!) but it's still pretty good, I reckon. At least you won't show up for lunch in the same Sportsgirl marked-down top as all your friends. Check out labels like Blue Juice, Motel, GRAB,  and Nude for unique but totally wearable winter essentials; and for Little Frockers, well, you'd better be quick as it has been insane in the kidswear department, with mos torders being for 10+ items at a time (hey it makes shipping free so why not!). Munster, Itch, Walnut, Monstar Kids and Monster Baby are all being cleared at a rapid rate - the prices are pretty darn good and the styles are completely and utterly awesome!

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