Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spring is in the air!

Well it's freezing cold in July, which means Spring 09 has started to arrive (and I've just finished buying for high Summer, which I SO feel like doing when it's 8 degrees outside). This season, most labels are playing it fairly safe, but at least this translates to wearable, versatile pieces that will last more than a season. Not that any of it is heavy on the hip pocket anyway - here's a few key pieces from the latest arrivals that may incite drooling, so get out a napkin now:

Mimosa Goddess Dress, $129.95 it's black, it's simple, it has the most delicate of details and it's one shouldered. I can't stand people going without pants (I'm looking at you, 'Lady' Gaga. Actually I'm not. It hurts.) but going without a shoulder strap is a-ok. In fact, it's downright sexy in a non-boobs-up-and-out kinda way.

French Kitty Belle-Lisious Top, $59.95 I'm not a fan of their spelling but I am a fan of their cute prints - this little cami has umbrellas on it! Unleash your inner 5 year old and go all girly with denim shorts and a headband...aaaw!

Lucky 13 Asymmetrical Lace Dress, $119.95 Ring us up and ask for Shaz, then get her to say "Asymmetrical" - it's funny because she can't. Anyway, the "Astronomical" dress by Lucky 13 has been flying off the shelves (possibly literally, maybe she's onto something) around the country. It's a new take on the bestselling Bandage dress, with lacey cutout bits. Seriously sexy.

GRAB Loose Knit Oversize Tank, $59.95 this has that slouchy, too cool to care sorta vibe about it, and looks aweosme layered with other tank tops and a few dangly necklaces. The wide knit is light and the charcoal colour is a must-have - it looks especially cool contrasted against typical Spring pastels and summer brights.

Indy C Matt Bead Necklace, $14.95 Wear them in contrast to your outfit for a striking but not OTT statement - or heck, at $14.9 a pop why not wear all 3 colours at once!

Little Potty Red Shoes Pixie Dress, $209 I shouldn't even put this on here 'cos there aren't many left, but damn it's a pretty frock! One customer wrote in: "I just want to say I love, love, LOVE this dress! I remember asking you guys about it a few months ago if you were able to get it in. Which you were! Thanks! The best dress I've ever tried on. I look amazing!" It's fitted at the top with a flirty skirt, and the bold modern colour blocks make it edgy.

Birds of a Feather Here Comes The Sun Top, $49.95 You'll be humming the tune all day but this is just the piece to get you in the mood for Summer. We've actually got lots more Birds here waiting to be uploaded but it hasn't been shot yet (Ebony and assorted models are heading out on Thursday to freeze their bits off in an effort to bring you some springtime looks); and trust me, it is GORGEOUS! More on that later.

And you've probably noticed, but thankfully nobody minds, that we've had to up our famous $5 shipping rate by...wait for it..A WHOLE DOLLAR! Depsite tantrums, name-calling and endless phone calls we haven't been able to negotiate a cheaper rate with Aus Post so we've had to submit to their price rises. But it's still hella cheap for an overnight service, and don't forget that it's always FREE when you spend over $150!

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