Saturday, July 4, 2009

Accessorising With Austen

As oddly addictive as Lost in Austen was (silly premise, brilliant execution, and god who wouldn't watch anything with Mr Darcy in it?!), and whether you're a BBC purist or a fan of Ms Knightley; there's something about Pride & Prejudice that just makes me melt.
Yep, I'm a softie at heart, and really I have a bit of a thing for tailored jackets and sideburns, Darcy style. Empireline dresses and brushing your teeth with chalk, not so much. Anyway, if your housemates refuse to let you hold regular Austen marathons, Penguin have come to the rescue with a range of mugs, notebooks and pencils that mean you can deck out your desk/room/house in all things P&P, but not in a tacky memorabilia sort of way - just a simple, retro-infused range to match back with their $9.95 orange classics series (to which I am addicted, depsite doubling and even tripling on several titles I already owned, P&P included) - talk about accessorising! The nice man at a local bookshop gave me some reusable Penguin bags to carry my collection, and they're heaps cooler than those pink Supre bags. But then, so is acne.

To wit - perfect sized mugs for steaming cups of tea to sip upon while reading on wintery afternoons (have recently added Wuthering Heights to my mug collection):

You can get these for $24.95 from ShopUntil, the Co-op Bookshop, and Readings.

Notemaker have these nifty journals (from $19.95), so you can pretend you wrote your fave classic work, and if you're feeling really in the mood why not grab a box of penguin pencils as well ($14.95)? Remember, the accessories maketh the woman...!

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