Saturday, May 30, 2009

Travel Blogs of the mildly amusing variety

Just a quickie to bring to your attention 2 amusing blogs from people you probably don't know, but might like to read about:

These Charming Men: Mat & Marky, who you have already met on here (and Sam, who in a previous life served great coffee) are doing their first overseas, let's-spend-all-our-money-on-duty-free-grog, romp around the US and Europe; which so far has involved some homeless people, a French Revolution vending machine and near-nudity at famous landmarks (with the promise of more to come). If you've been there done that it makes for a nice little dose of nostalgia, if not it might inspire you to avoid them should you be planning to head to the Northern Hemisphere anytime soon.

Travelscene: Cat W, my favourite travelling wench (who should have her own show), decided that a tropical getaway simply would not do these holidays and so headed off to Ghana for a 4 week internship at an English newspaper. Her 3-letter beau, Stu, all round nice guy and occassional pirate, has just headed over to join her for a romantic few weeks avoiding swine flu and other exotic illnesses, and basking in the Greek sunshine. Both of them update the blog which will make you want to hop on a plane quick smart, just not in economy class...

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