Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009 MET Costume Institue Gala: The Model As Muse

Even if I was as famous as Madge, I'm not sure even then I would be brave enough to step out in this:

But then, if you can't go all out at the Met Ball, when can you? Kate Moss did:
Costume? Check, double points for being more subtle than Madge. Model? Check. Muse (not the band)? Check. yet again, she ticks all the boxes!*

Twitter has been going nuts today, with mentions of Turqoise all over the show - Cindy Crawford and Blake Lively both looked amazing (and I'm guessing Ms Lively's hand is placed so for modesty):

But not sure I can be as enthusiastic as Tommy Hilfiger about this (incidentally, I can't work out why guys like to show off his name on their undies. It's a bit like Borat meets the Fonz):

Here's Posh having a Lincraft moment (sorry, MJ):

Gotta love a vampish lip, and Rachel Weisz in her "punk princess" meets 20's screen siren look is so striking:

At least Tyra looks suitably shocked at the scroll on her head. Please tell me she didn't shave her head and glue the offucts onto her noggin? I usually love Tyra :(

And finally, in descending height order, four luminous lovelies and one black lace jumpsuit. Hmm.

*Kate Moss fan over here

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