Thursday, March 5, 2009

High-End or High-Street? Or Who-Cares?

I have paused in my deliciously slow perusal of the new Frankie magazine becuase I could not go past the irresistible orange (and stripey) front cover of this month's Vogue. Oh, and the words 'Vogue Shops the High Street'. I'm yet to read it fully (relaxing of an evening with a cuppa and a magazine is my little treat) but I'm hoping it's slightly more credible then their 'Christmas gifts under $100' feature in the December issue. It was very pretty and all, but I probably wouldn't buy people $90 candles or soap or card holders. There are better ways to spend a green note.

It's mildly scary when even high-end mags need to take this stance. The new issue of Shoptilyoudrop (out Monday with lots of lovely Frock You pieces in it) has a "Buy Budget Look Luxe" coverline, which is a-ok becuase Shop unashameadly encourages mixing high-end with high-street. But Vogue? American Vogue have done it too, a sobering reflection of economic times...and yet glossy mags still carry bags worth (or at least, priced at) more than a couple month's rent. It almost feels like (alright, subconsciouly we all know it but won't admit) they're 'tapping into the trend' of budget shopping simply to make us mere mortals feel a connection to their glossy pages. "Yeah, see my wicked poly blend top from Dotti? Was in Vogue. I know, I'm THAT cool". It works, I fell for it. Sigh. Clever clogs. Speaking of clogs, the cover also poses the tricky question, "Are Shoes the new It Bags?" It's good to see some things never change...

If you just went "pft" at that little question about shoes, then here's a site you'll love: Worldwide Womenswear Digest . It's funny. Trust me. Download the magazine and laugh, scoff and ultimately feel better about yourself 'cos you are above caring if your shoes are sooo right now or not. Even if you do, a little bit. Titters galore!

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