Thursday, March 19, 2009

WIN A Year's worth of Denim from GRAB!

We just started this promo today and it's going NUTS! The lovely lasses at GRAB are giving you lucky sods (I can't enter *sob*) the chance to win a new pair of jeans every month for a whole year. Yep, 12 pairs of brand spanking new skinnies, distressed, bootcut, wideleg, black, washed, blue...the latest looks for a grand price of $0! Well, strictly speaking it'll cost you whatever you pay for a pair of GRAB jeans from Frock You (they start at $99), and each time you buy a pair you get two entries into the draw. You're not even competing against other GRAB stockists, this is purely for Frockers only.

All the deets are on the GRAB page and also in the newsletter we whipped up this morning. You don't even need to fill in any forms or answer a dodgy "25 words or less" question. Just buy a pair, and we do the rest! Comp runs til 31st May...and if your fav pair have sold out, we will be restocking so don't fret. You can always Contact Us if you're desperate for something!

I truly adore the Rushcutter Double Black - Laura (currently battling glandular fever, which is why there are so many flat lay shots on the site at the mo! poor dear) wore them in a shoot and refused to take them off! They are sooo comfy, sit higher on the waist so there's no bum crack/muffin top and work back so easily with everything, winter or summer. I'm not usually a fan of black but this winter's soft goth lacey/military/structured jackets make them a perfect basis for just about any look.

We've also just recieved the Darwin Faded skinny, which make a great alternative if you've spent the last few seasons, like yours truly, living in dark washes. They look great for working more casual 'rock chic' looks with printed tees, oversize knits and for spring/summer with whites and neutrals.

And the classic bootcut Kilda jean is one of GRAB's ongoing bestsellers - universally flattering, and Kate Moss's current cut of choice (alright she's not been snapped in GRAB but some heeled boots and a loose knit over bootcuts is a look you can get away with from the playground to shopping strip), they make you look balanced, slimmer and chic. With spare change from a green note. Awesome.

While you're at it, pick up some of GRAB's fabulous basic tees (I LIVE in these! Well, ok, I live in a house, but I wear these tees an awful lot) and gorgeous 2 or more GRAB items and we just might send you a free GRAB sling bag. The Quilted Fleece bomber is so snuggly and has a really cool, edgy designer look to it; or try the Chiffon Trim Bustier for evening for a totally chic and seriously sexy look (with the Ruschutters and some dangly earrings...woah mama!).

Just to recap: buy a pair of GRAB jeans, wear them and look hot, do absolutely nothing else and you may very soon find yourself with a new pair in the post, each and every month!

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