Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing Barbie

I'm one of those annoying people who always arrives places late, breathless and full of excuses as to why it took so long to get there. Or, if you ask how I am, I always say "busy!" though evidently I am not as I have found a few hours mid week for a leisurely coffee and chat. And, although I gave up on ever getting enough sleep quicksmart after my daughter was born, I love to complain about being tired. Which is why I have just wasted half of what could've been a very productive hour of shut-eye playing Barbie, 21st century style, on Looklet, a website full of the latest pieces from popular labels which you can click on to create, um, looks. It's oddly addictive and I was having far too much fun with a plastic strawberry hat (I think it's a showercap) from Urban Outfitters, an Odd Molly dress and some pink heels from Coast to bother researching the purpose of the website in any thorough way.

I still can't get over that hat. I'm not sure how I managed to miss an apparent trend which is so time-saving you can get dressed before you have a shower in the morning. I am rather smitten with that dress though. Conveniently and obviously, each item comes with a link so you can keep on a-clickin' right through to buy. If your Barbies were ripped out of your pre-pubescent hands before you were ready to let go, sites like these do a wonderful job at healing old wounds. And keeping one's credit card looking fullup and healthy (it's all about perspective!).

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