Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bring on the chill - hot new stuff!

I do like winter. My birthday is in winter, winter fashions are so much more forgiving, and you don't see people walking around fake tanned up to - and possibly including - their eyeballs. We continually get surprises every morning from our lovely labels, who just keep on sending us gorgeous new knits and bits despite the fact we are all convinced we have received all the winter stock. I bought it all, you'd think I'd know, but buying is done 6 months in advance so it's easy to forget! (and also time consuming to open files and look it up. sheesh.) Speaking of which, we'll give you a summer sneaky peaky next week...

But for now, you are probably sitting toasty in your ugg boots (please remain indoors), feeling bittersweet about the crappy weather/gorgeous clothes conundrum that winter presents us with. So, here's a little rundown on our newest pieces that get the Frock tick of approval (well, they all do, otherwise we wouldn't sell them, but let's call these extra special ticks of approval).

Most recently uploaded (as in, today), are these pieces from Mermaid Sister. They know how to do casual cool better than most, and the price points are fantastic. The Crazy Love Sweater ($59.95) started selling literally two minutes after they were uploaded, so get a-clickin' quick smart if you want one! Mermaid's sweaters have that daggy-cool retro feel, perfect for throwing on with jeans. I'm also a fan of the Glitter Girl Slouchy Jumper ($69.95), which puzzlingly enough has no glitter in it; however this is a good thing if 'casual chic' is what you're after - it's a looser fitting jumper that would look amazing with denim, boots and some layered necklaces. No suprises that the Glitter Girl Slouchy Cardi ($89.95) is also sparkle-free, but it is the most beautiful blue colour, which is such a nice change from the usual winter palette. Plus, this shade is definitely coming in again for summer! And if checks are your thing (we know they are, checked things sell ridiculously fast) you can unleash your inner grungy-snow-bunny with the Check Baby Hooded Jacket ($119.95).

Birds of a Feather is another fave labels with Frockers around the world (yep, we even sent some to Estonia) and this season the delivery was so late I'd forgotten what was going to be in it. But it was like Christmas in, um, winter, when we unpacked it all last week - very ladylike and so very very pretty, it's hard to pick favourites but the No Place Like Home Dress ($89.95) looks as gorgeous in person as it does on Jess our gorgeous model; and the Clicking Heels sweater ($89.95) quickly found it's way to my wardrobe. Actually it dodn't even make it that far cos I am wearing it today - it's simple but has cute hot pink stitching around the neckline, a little detail that made it a standout piece! The City Lights Top ($89.95) also has hot pink detailing, in the form of a waist sash, and is covered in little white polka dots - SO CUTE!!

GRAB has a legion of fans, not only in love with their denim but their fashion-conscious pieces that are, thankfully, not ripped off the catwalk (unlike most high-street labels). They have a team of in-house designers which keep their ranges fresh and unique. AND their knitwear is AWESOME! In a recent wardrobe survey, I discovered I really have quite alot of it, so you know it must be good. I jest, I jest! It is though. So good, in fact, that you'd be hard pressed and possibly senile to go past the Peter Pan Jacquard Cardi ($99.95) which we featured in our catalogue and which can be worn as a dress or oversize cardi. The sample here swims on poor little Jess, but in person it is absolutely gorgeous. The Zipper Knit Dress ($69.95) is another winter no-brainer - just throw it on with tights! My other weekend fave is the Collared Long Cardi ($89.95) which is perfect for that casual-chic look and it's also toasty warm without being heavy. Score! (Rosie wears it here with the One Teaspoon Eagle Eye Silk top [$99.95]).

That's probably enough waffling from me, for now *muhahaha*. Yeah, definitely time for a cuppa...

PS - if you're a Frocker, til Friday you can get 20% off everything! If you're not, sign up now to get the code!

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