Monday, April 20, 2009

Bloglovin...oh yeah!

So, everyone does Facebook and if you're not Twittering already, you should be (though is there some easier way to read the 457865487 updates from everyone everyday?!), and I have recently discovered a nify little tool for following your fav blogs - Bloglovin' . I don't know how new it is but you simply add blogs, sign in whenever and it tells you if there's been an update. Easy peasy! (Will I be adding FrockOff for you to follow? Yes, when I figure out's a pretty vague yes).

So, aside from biggies like The Sartorialist, other blogs that are cute, regular in a non-All Bran kinda way and about all things pretty:

Coco's Tea Party - I love this one, the writer is very funny, posts are long enough to say something but short enough not to be overwhelming. We can all relate to the slogan "We'd rather go naked than dress badly!". It's written by a hip London fashion insider, and the celeb Hit and Miss posts are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Diamonds in Champagne - written by an Aussie Voguette, she updates it daily and has startlingly good taste. Warning: will make you want to shop and buy glossy magazines ('cos, like, we all need more encouragement on that front)!

DaydreamLily - posts the most beautifully inspiring pics, and is a must for vintage and/or craft lovers. Layout is gorgeous! Makes me mildly jealous in a good way that I completely lack the skill to shop vintage, craft anything or draw/paint/be arty and wear square glasses. But it did inspire my weekend Esty blitz to purchase many teapot themed pieces of jewellery (random fact: I am a tea addict and have stupid amounts of teapots. Now I can wear them too!)

Stylebubble - choc full of, well, style - from vintage to high end, it's like a little personal tour guide of the hippest treasure troves. Lots of visuals, and Susie Bubble certainly practices what she preaches!

Friggenawesome is written by Lana, a lovely Frocker, and it certainly does what it says on the tin. Awesome artists, gorgeous fashion and oodles of style permeate her blog which is just gorgeous to look at (and read too, if you want).

As Seen In is relatively new on the scene (I think) and has kindly featured Frock You several times (woot!). Celeste trawls the net searching for those covetable pieces as seen in (ooh clever) your fav glossies. Gotta give her top marks for her picks, today's Tulle skirt from Cosmo is so damn pretty!

Actually we should start inventing more hours in the day just so we have time to read all these fabulous blogs talented people are creating. From next week, we'll be focussing on Frocker's blogs, so if you've got one, email me directly and let me know!

PS - Happy 2nd Birthday Frock You!

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