Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping is for Life, not just for Christmas

I'm not a big believer in New Year's Resolutions. If you make one, you invariably keep it for a week and then give up, which leads to disappointment and packets of Tim Tams. it's a bit of the olde "If at first you don't succeed, erase all evidence that you ever tried". I don't diet, I always intend to exercise but refuse to kid myself that it will actually happen, despite expensive sneakers, and after every wardrobe cleanout I intend to replace my old crap with new crap I will wear more often. This also doesn't happen but arguably that is the joy of fashion. Shopping, though, is possibly my biggest vice (in case you couldn't tell). If Becky Bloomwood was real and I could stop imagining her looking scarily similar to Isla Fisher, we'd be pretty good buddies. We think along the same lines. Revealing that, it may come as a shock to you to know that this month, I didn't shop fo a total of 9 days. Yes, you read that correctly. And this is in the midst of post-Christmas sale madness, online bargains galore and heaps of ebay listings of ungrateful wenches who doon't like their designer chrissy presents. Even when Charlotte was born it only took a week to get back to the shops. The hiatus was possibly because I'm not such a fan of summer clothes and can't find any frocks I like this season, and also can't justify yet more grey/white/black/pink tees and tanks, but it's effect was quite pleasing. (It also doesn't include things like groceries by the way). I didn't bore myself with the maths but have been putting more money in our holiday fund, which in the long run means I can shop in a different country with more to spend. Perfect.

I caved when hunting for accessories for our A/W '09 catalogue shoot last week (shot over the weekend and released at the end of the month, more snippets on this later) and couldn't go past sparkly things in Diva for $5. Then I jumped right back on board, finding Little Leona dresses for Charlotte at 40% off, a few bits'n'bobs on ebay, some cute tees from a new site I adore, hardtofind (need to spend more time browsing here, so much cute stuff!), and most importantly, my favourite purchase: Frederick the elephant from Bholu. When I found him last night on the sale rack, I got my shopping spark back. He is too adorable, and he's been sitting in a local homewares boutique for ages and I always pat him when I'm in there. Ok, that sounds weird, but I do. He will look fabulous on my bedside pouf, and the burnt orange colour goes perfectly with our retro-fugly doona. Toys are not just for kids. And perhaps shopping is not a vice (*desperately tries to justify actions*) but a hobby, an outlet, yes, even therapy. And I'd rather spend $40 on a cute toy then on a self-help book anyday.

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